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Foodie Community

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A collection of Vancouver foodies which Hidden Gems Vancouver consistently works with to bring you the best food recommendations in Vancouver, BC. Check out each of the individual dish introductions for more information on the author.

Foodie's Picks

Chocolate Hazelnut Trianon

$5.80 for a slice or $32.00-$48.00 for a whole cake

Fairy Dust Soft Serve in Charcoal Buffle Waffle Cone

$6.75 + $2.95 for bubble waffle cone

Coconut Gelato in Charcoal Cone

$6.00 for a single, $7.50 for a double, or $15 for a pint

Cafe Mai-Mai is my hidden gem...

Pho Dac Biet (Tai)


Sushi TonTon on Cambie focuses...

Aji Tempura


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Hidden Gems Vancouver