Staz Marie

Staz Marie


Food is my life's true passion. A very adventurous eater with a voracious appetite, there are few things I will not try. I love traveling and experiencing authentic, local dishes. In particular, the street food in Asia has captured my heart, though I love eating foods of all cultures. My goal is to find similar no-fuss food gems in the Vancouver area.

I also operate a small baking company selling at farmer’s market for the time being. This means taste-testing my treats and going around the city to sample current offerings, a great thing for someone with an everlasting sweet tooth!

You can also find Staz Marie at:
Instagram: @chowhunter_yvr

Staz's Picks

Prepare to be “Numbfounded” by this Spicy Sichuan Dry Pot

Dry Pot

$53.93 (but ranges from ~$16 upwards, depending on size & toppings)

Take a Trip to Northern Vietnam with this Crab Noodle Soup

Bánh Ða Ðó Chả Lá Lốt (Crab Style Noodle Soup)


Hidden Gems Vancouver
Hidden Gems Vancouver