The Fresh Calamari that Ain’t Squiddin’ Around

With its rustic patio and gleaming glass walls, Nammos Estiatorio is a fine Greek restaurant located right on Fraser Street. Amongst the diverse food options in East Vancouver, this is a first. The head chef himself is from Greece, and the menu reflects this authenticity. I popped in to try out their fried calamari.

Nammos Estiatorio - Greek Restaurant - Kensington - Vancouver

Nammos Estiatorio - Greek Restaurant - Kensington - Vancouver

I walked into Nammos without a reservation and someone eagerly came by to seat me. In fact, every customer that walked through that door was met with the same consistency and warmth. This is the type of service you’d certainly expect to get at a family-owned eatery.

As calamari is a classic Greek dish, I had to check it out at Nammos. Almost as quickly as I’d ordered it, the calamari arrived at my table. And rightly so. The squid had a light coating of batter, only needing a quick visit to the deep fryer. With every bite, I revelled in the deep-fried crunch of the batter and tender squid inside. In true Mediterranean fashion, the brininess that comes with fresh quality seafood replaced the need for salt on the calamari. Finished with a sprinkling of diced red onion and lemon to squeeze, there was a sense of harmony on my palate.

Calamari at Nammos Estiatorio | Hidden Gems Vancouver

Interestingly enough, the dipping sauce that came with the calamari was made with finely pureed beets. Tasted on its own, the sauce had a mild, earthy pungency. In contrast to the fried calamari, it was served chilled, adding a refreshing balance to the hot, deep-fried squid.

Nammos’ calamari is more than enough for one person to enjoy, and just the right amount for two people to whet their appetite. Above all, the bite-sized pieces make it a great option for sharing amongst the table or with a date.

Calamari at Nammos Estiatorio | Hidden Gems Vancouver

If you’re searching for place where you can mellow out and feel at ease, Nammos Estiatorio is it. And just in case you need another reason besides the excellent food, the walls are a blue hue – a calming colour that can ease your mind and soul.

Nammos Estiatorio - Greek Restaurant - Kensington - Vancouver

Restaurant: Nammos Estiatorio

Featured Dish Name: Kalamari

Dish Type: Seafood

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $14.00

Flavour Profile: Savoury

Served: Hot

Portion Size: For Share

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