The London Fog Hidden On The Edge Of Olympic Village

It’s increasingly difficult to track down an independent café in Olympic Village. This is due to the overwhelming presence of chains in the hip Vancouver neighbourhood. The only good unaffiliated establishment is on the edge of the village: Sweetery Café + Dessert. This place started as a dessert specialty only, but nowadays offers burgers and sandwiches as well. But throughout this change, one thing has stayed the same – the quality of the drinks like their London fog with vanilla.

Sweetery - Vancouver Local Coffee Shop - False Creek - Vancouver

By now, the London fog has become a pretty standard Vancouver staple. Therefore, I decided to add a shot of vanilla. Not because Sweetery’s London fog doesn’t contain enough of it, but because I was greedy. And frankly, I’m glad I was.

Instead of throwing off the delicate flavours of the tea latte, the barista at Sweetery cleverly enhanced them. Thanks to the extra vanilla, the floral accents were on fire. The extra vanilla also paired nicely with the oil of bergamot, enhancing the citrusy tang that makes the earl grey tea special. And if you’re wondering, the drink wasn’t overly sweet. (Yes, I was surprised by that as well.)

London Fog With A Vanilla Shot at Sweetery |

The barista can’t take all of the credit for this elevated London fog, though. Some has to go to the quality of the tea. The brand Sweetery uses, and sells, is Shaktea. The intricate taste of this tea isn’t lost in the frothy goodness of steamed milk, which is there more for its texture than its flavour.

London Fog With A Vanilla Shot at Sweetery |

Sweetery’s London fog (extra vanilla shot or not) is served in a comforting mug that you can enjoy at one of their window tables, the bar, or even on their long wooden bench. The space is open and minimalistic, ideal for focusing on the many treats that dwell within.

Sweetery - Vancouver Local Coffee Shop - False Creek - Vancouver

As for those, well, all of the pastries are superb. So are their sandwiches and burgers. However, it’s their chicken and waffles that are the most famous. For those wandering through Olympic Village, I’d suggest that you walk down the couple extra blocks to Sweetery for one of those tasty morsels or that wonderful London fog.

Sweetery - Vancouver Local Coffee Shop - False Creek - Vancouver

Restaurant: Sweetery Café + Dessert

Featured Dish Name: London Fog With A Vanilla Shot

Dish Type: Tea/Bubble Tea

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $4.00

Flavour Profile: Sweet

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Small

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