Nabebugyo serves authentic Japanese hot pot in Vancouver. This super-comforting Miso Sesame Soy Milk Hot Pot comes with beef or pork, seaweed salad, veggies, udon, and rice. The soup base was creamy and not too salty. Bonus: it came with ice cream! And the restaurant doesn’t expect tips!

Recommended by Darren & Mimi from @he.pays.she.eats

Restaurant: Nabebugyo Hot Pot Cuisine

Featured Dish Name: Miso Sesame Soy Milk Hot Pot

Dish Type: Soup/Stew

Available For: All Day

Dish Price: $13.95 Lunch / $16.95 Dinner

Flavour Profile: Savoury

Served: Hot

Portion Size: Large

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Hidden Gems Vancouver